Top travel apps for phones & tablets

These are the apps we downloaded, gearing up for our journey. In this day and age, it comes in handy, not 5to say we will use them all. Some will argue that there is a loss of spontainity now that travel industry has gone digital. But why be unprepapred? Why not leave more time to absorb the enviroment rather than sweat trying to buy a train ticket. These are all android apps but it should exist for iOS.

Google Drive (upload your travel docs, copies etc) and access from any device
Google Earth and Google Maps
Tripadvisor to find those good places through reviews
Everytrail to record your trail/trek/route or view best routes from others
Kayak for cheap flight trail
Tripcase which saves all your travel info such as flight and informs you of changes
Currency app which works offline
Mytracks to record your entire world journey, in legs if need be with complete stats.
Survival guide for really good knowledge on surviving in harsh environments.
Citymaps2go – offline maps for cities
Google maps engine app + online is so fantastic in creating your route. You can add layers for different countries and customize how the markers look or order them by numbers. When you then use the app,you click on a marker and get directions to your destination.
Flashlight on your phone has been regulary used.
Symptoms checker to help you diagnose any health issues while on the road.
GoPro app if you have a goPro.
Google hangouts is great for staying in touch and better than skype.
LiLife360 is great for letting your parents know you are ok wit

h gps location. We use it as most time we can connect online but cant phone.
Ixigo trains for indian train journeys
Cleartrail for indian journeys, ticket booking and flights
Shazam to capture music on the go.
Spotify to listen to music offline.
Vine to capture video snippets.
Google+ app highly recommend to get google drive photos which automatically backs up all your photos.

And thats it for now. I will add more as I travel but let me know if you recommend any apps which are good for when you are on the road.

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